The KLF Re-enactment Society

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KLF Re-Enactment Four

The Ice Kream Van in The Justified Lego Land of Mu

25th of February 2021

Matt Wells has been hard at work…

The Ice Kream Van and The Scare Krows have now finally arrived in The Justified Lego Land of Mu.

As has previously been noted in the History section of this website, The Ice Kream Van in question is a 2017 Re-Enactment of the original Ice Kream Van from back in 1991. What has not been discussed is how two of the then members of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu re-enacted themselves as The Scare Krows.

Both of these early Re-Enactments featured in a photograph taken by ???? in August 2017

This photograph has now been Re-Enacted on a grand scale using the medium of LEGO by Matt Wells, one of the hardest working members of The Society.

We await his stop motion of The Burning.